After being called to the bar 35 years ago, I was privileged to represent clients nationwide in litigation as a trial and appellate lawyer.  Practicing law in most of our 50 states, I learned a great deal not only about products and insurance and aviation, but also how we as lawyers do things differently and often better in other parts of the country.  My experience was all the better for having been exposed to many lawyers on both sides of the bar and having learned so much by observing the techniques of my colleagues, their knowledge of the law, their command of the substance of our cases, and their unqiue ways of practicing law.


Now I have found a new calling that draws on my 23 years of service as a mediator on various federal and state court panels.  My decision to work in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was a long time in the making.  I have been privileged to serve on the US District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York for over two decades where I have mediated a wide variety of cases touching on many areas of the law.   I am now working with my good friends and skilled adversaries on both sides of the bar to help them reach resolutions of their disputes in an expedient manner.   My ADR practice is national in scope and covers many areas of the law, including aviation.

With regard to aviation, we have long been in need of an ADR professional to whom we can turn, particularly for complex, high value disputes, on a nationwide basis.   With my training from the Harvard Program on Negotiation, decades of experience as a federal mediator, and 35 years of handling all manner of aircraft losses around the country, I will make every effort to fill that void.  We all know the frustrations of spending the first day or more of a mediation or arbitration educating a neutral on how a turbine engine operates, a wing generates lift, or a helicopter’s single advancing blade differs from the effect of collective.   As a veteran of our industry, I will be able to get down to business from inception and work on resolving cases, versus spending time on the basics of technical issues that require decades to master.


I bring no promise of settlement to any particular case.  However, drawing on the credibility I have established after decades of work in this profession, I can guarantee two things:  no mediator will better understand the facts and law of each case, and no mediator will work harder to push both sides to their limits in order to create a deal where there is a will to settle.  The way you have seen me work tirelessly for my clients is how I will work for your clients once I am engaged on your case.  I look forward to working for you.

                                                                                                                       Ray Mariani

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