• Travel: Expenses charged at cost.  No time or disbursements charged for ground travel within two hours of Harrison, NY portal to portal.   

      For a one day mediation/hearing greater than two hours portal to portal from Harrison, NY, travel time          will be at 50% of the hourly rate plus expenses charged at cost.  

      For mediations/hearings longer than one day, no charge for travel time, and expenses will be charged          at cost.  

      Vehicle mileage uses IRS permissible charges and common carrier costs will be charged, along with            reasonable accommodations.

  • Location: Use of office space other than that of a party to the case may require a usage fee that will be passed on to the parties at cost. 

      For a remote mediation/hearing, there are no additional charges if I serve as teleconferencing platform        host.

  • Cancellations: A one day arbitration hearing cancelled less than thirty days in advance may incur a four hour fee.

      A one day mediation session cancelled less than fourteen days in advance may incur a four hour fee.

      Cancellations of an arbitration/mediation reserved for greater than one day, less than 30 days/14 days          in advance respectively, may incur an eight hour fee.

  • Any non-refundable travel and lodging expenses incurred in response to a cancellation within five business days of the commencement of a hearing/session will be charged.

  • Deposits: The estimated amount of the cost of mediation session(s) or arbitration hearing(s) must be received at least seven days in advance of the first scheduled date in order to avoid a cancellation of the event.